Employ with Competence service is to help entrepreneurs to see what is the best way to acquire workforce based on your company's situation

Employ with Competence

Entrepreneur – do you dream of growth? Do you have more work than you can handle? Would you like to go on holiday? The Employ with Competence services gives you free help in finding and hiring the right employee. 

In addition to a standard employment contract, there are many other ways to get qualified people for your company. The alternatives include subcontracting, staff leasing or utilizing a light entrepreneur. The Employ with Competence service helps you choose the most suitable way for you. You will also receive tips on how to make a work and service agreement and to make use of subsidies that are available when hiring an employee.

Easy and efficient service to help with hiring – free of charge!

  •  Register on the website of the TE Office (employment and economic development office) and select Valmennusmajakka as the service provider.
  • We meet face-to-face or online.
  • You will receive a consultant’s assessment of the current situation in your company from the perspective of hiring employees.
  • You will have access to a large collection of information and a concrete written plan for your company, which will help you recruit or buy expertise for your company with skill.
  • You won’t be left alone – in the final sparring, you’ll still get tips from an expert to go forward.
  • You will get the most out of the Employ with Competence service by booking a few hours for an initial interview and survey, as well as a review of the plan with expert. We want you to succeed.

There are many good reasons to choose a Valmennusmajakka consultant

  1. Our experts are experienced entrepreneurs and experts in business and recruitment.
  2. Our experts also work in the areas where your company is located. They know their own and your home court.
  3. We operate throughout Finland.
  4. You will have access to the expertise of our entire team, even though the service is provided mainly by one expert.
  5. Valmennusmajakka has helped companies succeed for over 20 years.



Western and southern Finland
Reijo Koivula, p. 0400 533 355, reijo.koivula@valmennusmajakka.fi
Paula Sandelin, p. 040 056 8320, paula.sandelin@valmannusmajakka.fi

Central Finland
Tarja Kekäläinen, p. 040 199 1023, tarja.kekalainen@valmennusmajakka.fi
Veli-Matti Ruotsalainen, p. 040 555 1062, veli-matti.ruotsalainen@valmennusmajakka.fi
Petra Ryymin, p. 045 168 1030, petra@businesssavo.fi
Riitta Vaittinen, p. 040 736 5988, riitta.vaittinen@valmennusmajakka.fi

Eastern Finland and Kainuu
Kari Krohns, p. 040 565 8297, kari.krohns@valmennusmajakka.fi
Ella Kärki, p. 040 510 3289, ella.karki@valmennusmajakka.fi

Northen Finland
Teija Mikkola, p. 050 529 6484, teija.mikkola@reddo.fi
Mikko Pesonen, p. 044 0321 297, mikko.pesonen@obn.fi
Lieven De Rycke, p. 040 820 3535, lieven@reddo.fi
Jani Siivola, p. 040 717 7815, jani.siivola@reddo.fi


Valmennusmajakka operate in several regions of Finland where you can meet us face to face. As our client you will benefit from the knowledge and know-how of our whole team even though you basically work with one personal coach.

Jaana Ollilainen
tel. 050 555 3351


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