There are different kinds of entrepreneurship. You may choose to be a light entrepreneurship, in a cooperative or as a traditional entrepreneur.

Which form of entrepreneurship would suit you best?

Customize your own entrepreneurship course – to better understand which form is best for you!

Customize your own Entrepreneurship Course

An entrepreneur’s background differs: your goals and knowledge vary from each other. Valmennusmajakka offers you an opportunity to be involved in a course which helps you accomplish your dreams. You can start at any time even during the summer months. The main thing is that entrepreneurship really interests you!

It is a power pack where you to go through all the areas in how to start a company

During the training you will make a practical, self-assessing business plan. The plan will be made on our learning platform Tulosmajakka.fi. It is simple and practical to use for creating business plans. Tulosmajakka.fi will be at your disposal free of charge during and after the training. Therefore, you can continue to develop and make changes to your business plan whenever needed.

Your business plan consists of the following parts.

Entrepreneurship and business planning
Market analysis
Business forms and business creation
Marketing and sales, productization
Business economy and profitability, pricing
Corporate finance
Entrepreneur’s tax, legal and employer information
Entrepreneur’s insurance and social security
Financial planning

This is how the training program proceeds

  1. Make an initial mapping to help you identify, market, and sell your own expertise
  2. Take an entrepreneurial test: discover and learn more about your entrepreneurial skills and strengths
  3. Meet your personal coach better known as Omavalvoja. There will be one or more meetings, face to face or online. You will decide how much guidance takes place.
  4. You will start a solid business or make a light entrepreneurship plan for your own business idea.
  5. In the end of the course you will get last minute tips before starting your own business.

Why should you choose Valmennusmajakkas’s entrepreneurship course?

  1.  You can customize the training to suit your needs.
  2.  All Valmennusmajakka’s  personal coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and business experts.
  3.  You will have access to the expertise of each member of our team even if the service is mainly done with one personal coach.
  4.  Personal coaches are themselves entrepreneurs in Pirkanmaa. They know their own – and your home field.
  5.  The online learning environment Tulosmajakka.fi is designed for small business planning and development. It is also available to you free of charge at the end of your training. Tulosmajakka’s economy design program has been praised as the best of the country.
  6.  Personal coaches are also pedagogues, vocational teachers and consultants. All our staff has a degree and many other additional relevant courses.

We are at your service Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm
Tel. 050 555 3351 | buusti@valmennusmajakka.fi

Thank you and your team so much, for a very interesting and educating training plan. Your training course has taken into account all the aspects of preparing a business project.

It is suitable tailored to meet the necessity of people like myself who wish to join Finland’s list of successful entrepreneurs. Dahlia

Valmennusmajakka is a 20-year-old nationwide active family business. We train and encourage enthusiastically those who are interested in entrepreneurship and small businesses for successful business at all stages of the life cycle of entrepreneurship. 8000 entrepreneurs have participated in our training program. We know what we teach. Get your own access to our nationwide entrepreneurial network.

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